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SSS is a game inspired by Civilization and Call to Power. As in this two games, players tries to lead a faction from the dawn of history to near future, discovering new technologies, building their economics, fighting their neighbours for domination…

 The game is turn-based, a real time or “pseudo real time” version could eventually be done if everything run well.

 The graphics will be similar to Civilization III, with a notable exception for the first version: only the main window, which displays the map, will have pretty graphics. The game will be windows based, and all the functions and information windows will be simple dialog boxes, without any fancy graphics for the first version of the game.

 Although the historical background and graphics will be close to Civilization III, the game mechanisms will be quite different, allows more strategic options, and more accurate warfare.

 The game will be highly customizable, and will come with a complete editor, including an editor for the equivalent of civilopedia, and a scripting tool for events if possible. Adding a new units will also be easy, and will require no other tool (except a picture editing tool to create the storyboards).


I develop this game myself during my free time. Although I try to make it has best as I can, I have not the skills not the time to make is as good as a professional game, so don't be to harsh with your criticism.

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